Matt and Kate make things work

Matt Bellamy is grateful to girlfriend Kate Hudson for coming on the road with him.

The Muse frontman has a 23-month-old son, Bingham, with Kate, 34, and he’s thrilled that the family are able to spend lots of time together despite their busy schedules.

‘I think I am very lucky because my partner, my girlfriend. She loves travelling,’ says Matt, 35.

‘She was raised in a family where there was a lot of travelling and upheaval going on all the time.

‘She is really open to us being on the road and because of that we haven’t really been apart for anything more than a week since our baby was born.’

Matt – who had only been dating Hollywood actress Kate for two months when she became pregnant – thinks the couple are good at finding a balance in their relationship.

‘A lot of the time, if she is working, I will go to where she is – and it works both ways,’ the dad-of-one tells The Sun.

‘She comes to see us all the time. You balance a little bit, especially with two working people.

‘You have to take it in turns to do certain things.’

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