In her latest podcast with US Vogue, Kim Kardashian has opened up about her experience of being pregnant with her second child, expected to be a boy.

Speaking to André Leon Talle, Kim – now 8 months pregnant – revealed that she needs a good rest at this stage: ‘I’m close to completely relaxing.’ She’s even close to ditching her favourite high heels, admitting: It’s getting hard. My feet are starting to swell. I was getting on a plane and my feet were swollen.  I need a little break where I take them off for a few hours.’ We don’t know how you’ve managed to keep wearing them, Kim!

Expecting to give birth next month, the reality star has not made firm plans for Christmas: ‘I might be in the hospital, I don’t know,’ she says. Poor Kim! Although we’re sure a second baby will be the perfect Xmas present for Kimye.

What about pregnancy cravings? Kim made no secret of her cravings for greasy In-N-Out burgers and chips when she was pregnant with North West, posting her indulgences on her Instagram, but it seems her approach is more saintly this time around. ‘I don’t crave anything this time, it’s so weird. But I eat more carbs than usual” she told André, admitting to indulging in the occasional bowl of pasta or risotto for dinner.
Kim is proud of her pregnant look, showcasing her pregnant stomach in sheer lace, bodycon and – on her Instagram last August – even in the nude. We think you look radiant, Kim! We can’t WAIT to meet her baby boy this Christmas.