Myleene has the hots for Sherlock

Myleene Klass has revealed that she’s a member of Benedict Cumberbatch‘s huge fan army.

The presenter fell for Benedict, 38, in his role as TV detective Sherlock and was gutted to hear he was off the market when he announced his engagement to Sophie Hunter in November 2014.

‘I was a total Cumberbitch, so my heart broke the day I found out Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged,’ says Myleene, 36.

‘I actually think it’s Sherlock I’m in love with. I like them a bit odd, a bit quirky.

‘The fact that he’s a fictional character is a minor problem. Love will conquer all!’

We hear you, Myleene! *Sobs*.

She might not get to pucker up with Benedict – or Sherlock – under the mistletoe this Yuletide but Myleene Klass has got her eye on another heartthrob actor.

‘[My Christmas wishes are] Leonardo DiCaprio, a new bag, and a really happy Christmas with my girls, watching them open their presents,’ the mum-of-two says.

Myleene is clearly in a good place after the difficulty of her marriage split in 2012, which left her in a state of grief for quite some time.

Graham Quinn moved out of the home he shared with wife Myleene and their daughters Ava, 7, and Hero, 3, just six months after they tied the knot.

Last year the mum-of-two spoke of her hurt over the break-up and compared it to a death.

‘I know it has been a year, but it’s still very raw for people,’ said Myleene.

‘I continue to go through it. It’s like a bereavement, it’s a loss…

‘People say these things make you stronger but… it’s not that I’m stronger. It’s more that I didn’t realise how strong I already was. But I’d just rather not have had the test.’

Myleene Klass admits it was heartbreaking to know that her daughters wouldn’t be raised in the traditional family unit.

‘When I was growing up, I had a very stable home life, where my mum and dad were together, as they still are,’ the Littlewoods designer previously told Fabulous Magazine.

‘So when you find yourself not in that situation, well… This is just how it is now. My girls are everything. They are my absolute world and I know I’m their beginning and end.

‘Now it’s all my decisions. It’s scary but, at the same time, very empowering. I feel like I’ve put a force field around the three of us.’

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