TV presenter had murderous thoughts about partner Graham Quinn

Myleene Klass admits she felt like murdering fiancé Graham Quinn shortly after the birth of their baby.

The TV presenter 30, says juggling a hectic career with caring for daughter Ava, now 8 months old, made her extremely stressed.

‘My relationship with my fiancé Gray has been under huge pressure and I have never felt so lonely and isolated,’ she says.

‘In the weeks after Ava was born I genuinely wanted to kill him.

‘I was knackered from looking after the baby and then he would come home and say something worthy of murder like “Jeez, I’m so tired, I haven’t eaten all day,” she tells the Daily Mail.

‘I wasn’t in a good place and I even told one of my friends that I was going to leave Gray.’

But Myleene says her relationship with Graham, 34, is much better now.

They are organising Ava’s christening and their wedding.

The couple got engaged three years ago.

Claudia Tanner