Star actually misses her bump

Myleene Klass admits that she loved her shape when she was an expectant mum and is in no rush to lose her baby weight.

‘I felt proud of my body when I was pregnant,’ insists the star.

Myleene, 29 – who gave birth to daughter Ava Bailey three months ago – says that her expanding tummy allowed her to let go of some of her body hang-ups.

‘I think before I had an awkwardness about me, but show me a woman who doesn’t have some kind of body dysmorphia.

‘I definitely did. It was great to be able to walk down a red carpet and never worry about holding my belly in.’

Myleene has no intention of feeling pressured to start an extreme exercise regime or crash diet.

‘How I’m going to lose the weight seems to be a common question,’ she tells Saturday magazine. ‘But it’s genuinely farthest from my mind.’

Katie Evans