Singer made her partner face up to his past as a drug dealer

Myleene Klass’s fiancé spent six years on the run from police because of his drug dealing past.

But the I’m A Celebrity star forced Graham Quinn to turn himself in so they could enjoy a normal life together.

The couple met when Graham, 30, worked as a bodyguard for Myleene’s band Hear’Say in 2001. At the time he was wanted by police in Ireland.

He’d been caught in Dublin in 1996 carrying £1,000 worth of heroin. But he skipped bail and fled to London where he changed his name and reinvented himself as a celebrity security guard.

Police eventually tracked him down after an informant recognised him from pictures in newspapers.

Myleene, 28, forced Graham to turn himself in and he pleaded guilty to possessing heroin for sale or supply. But he was let off with a fine and suspended jail sentence because he’d turned his back on crime.

After the case Myleene said: ‘What counts is that Graham was willing to risk jail for me. He knew we could never have a normal life together while he was on the run.’

Graham jetted out to Brisbane last week to support Myleene in her jungle struggle. He told The Sunday Mirror: ‘It doesn’t matter if she wins or not. She’s a winner in my eyes if she does herself justice and people like her.’