For all your relationship issues, Nadia has the answers...

Hi, darlings! This week I want to talk about the controversy surrounding Rio Ferdinand saying Kate Wright will look after his three children while he’s in Russia for the World Cup.

Honestly, I don’t know why everyone is making such a big fuss about it. I don’t think for one second this is the first time Kate has looked after the children on her own.


He obviously knows she’s more than capable and they’re in a committed relationship, so of course it’s fair that he asks her.

Dear Nadia,

My friend has been with her boyfriend for two years, but he tried it on with me at the weekend. I told him I’m not interested and threatened to tell my friend, but I’m worried she won’t believe me. What should I do?

N: He sounds like a loser, and if you tell her and she believes him over you, she’s not a very good friend. Do what’s right, which is telling your friend what he’s like. Us women need to stick together. We can’t be afraid of telling other women about their loser men.

Dear Nadia,

I bleed during sex. I’m worried but whenever I want to talk to my boyfriend about it, he just rolls over. What should I do?

N: Go to a doctor and get some proper medical advice. Your boyfriend should be supporting you through this, too. If it’s a case of your boyfriend just being too rough then you stop him, sit him down and talk to him about it. He needs to listen!


Dear Nadia,

My boyfriend cheated on me, but I chose to forgive him. Months later I cheated on him to get back at him. 
If there’s any way of salvaging our relationship, do I need to tell him?

N: Well, you obviously didn’t choose to forgive him very well if you then cheated to get your own back. No offence, but that screams massive immaturity. Cut each other loose. Once the trust is gone, 
it never comes back.