Girls Aloud singer has given her ex a second chance

Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle has given her wayward on-off lover Jesse Metcalfe six weeks to impress her – or she’ll dump him again.

The pair split up in April this year, after 15 months together, because of Jesse’s excessive drinking and alleged cheating, but he’s promised to be a reformed man.

Nadine, 22, is not totally convinced, despite their heart-to-heart talks two weeks ago in LA. But she’s agreed to give it another go with the Desperate Housewives star, with a six-week get-out clause if she thinks he hasn’t changed.

The pair were pictured kissing outside a petrol station in LA last week and sharing an intimate dinner the night before.

Jesse, 28, told a close friend: ‘Nadine convinced me to go into rehab and when she ended things, everything started to go wrong for me.

‘I couldn’t be sober without her. Being apart made me realise how much I need her in my life to stay centred and happy. I’ve been an absolute mess without her.’

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