The Girls Aloud feud continues as Nadine vows to upstage rival Sarah's big day in a petty point scoring mission

Nadine Coyle was left humiliated when her
debut single Insatiable limped to No 26 in the charts while her rival
Cheryl Cole effortlessly reached No 1 with Promise This.

So after kissing
goodbye to her solo career, Nadine probably hoped she’d be able to
generate a bit of interest with her upcoming
wedding – until Sarah Harding, 29, announced her engagement to DJ Tom Crane
last week.

Now’s learnt
that Nadine, 25, is fuming after being overshadowed by one of her bandmates for the second time in two months and has
now vowed to eclipse Sarah’s big day.

When Nadine got engaged to Jason Bell
last year, it was a real boost to her profile,’ says our insider.

Her bid for
solo stardom may not have gone as well as expected, but she hoped a big wedding
would change that.

Now that
Sarah’s announced her engagement, her priorities have changed.

‘There’s a
massive rivalry between her and the other Girls Aloud stars and she’s
determined to outshine Sarah by making her wedding the most star-studded bash
of the year.’

boyfriend Tom, 29, confirmed their engagement on his Twitter page, saying he
felt like the luckiest man in the world’.

But Nadine was furious to hear the news via a public announcement.

insists she’s not threatened by Sarah but now it’s all hands on deck to plan
the wedding,’ says the pal.

She’s talking about having a traditional outdoor
American ceremony with a top class guest list, including some of her new LA music mates and Jason’s
famous pals from the American football world.

‘She also wants a second do in
Northern Ireland at a Catholic church with a reception at a castle.’

The irony is
that Sarah couldn’t care less about a showbiz wedding, according to a

It’s fair to say Sarah isn’t a fan of Nadine,’ says Sarah’s pal.

But she doesn’t want the fuss of a
celebrity do herself anyway – she was a bridesmaid for both
Cheryl and Jordan and she didn’t enjoy herself much.

both sold their weddings to publications that insisted on them having a huge
celebrity guest list and everyone had to sign legal documents and was ordered
about for photos.

‘So Sarah’s determined to keep her wedding low-key – she’s
more the “barefoot on a beach” kind of girl.

What people
don’t realise is it’s a huge step for her to tie the

‘She’s always said she’d never marry after her dad John walked out on her
mum Marie for a younger woman.

‘She hasn’t
even spoken to him for 11 years. So it’s a big deal
for her to get hitched and she won’t want anything to ruin her day.

It’s laughable to
think that Nadine’s on some competitive trip over their nuptials.

‘One thing’s
for sure – Sarah won’t be inviting her to the wedding.’

Read all Sarah Harding and Nadine Coyle‘s wedding secrets in Now magazine dated 17 January 2011 – out now!

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