Niall Coyle says daughter Nadine Coyle feels left out

Nadine Coyle‘s Girls Aloud bandmates have cut off contact with her, according to her dad.

Niall Coyle claims Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts don’t visit his daughter at her LA home when they’re in the States.

‘When the rest of the girls are in town, they don’t contact Nadine,’ he explains.

‘You can understand why she may feel left out. They know where she is and don’t call.’

Niall reckons Nadine, 25, has no reason to return home from LA now.

‘I’m not saying she will never go back to Girls Aloud, but her life is here now, as are her friends, family and her future,’ he adds. 

‘She won’t be moving back to the UK, why would she?’

Last week, Kimberley, 28, denied claims Girls Aloud were to reunite without Nadine.

Earlier this year, Nicola, 24, admitted that the band hadn’t spoken to her in months.

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