Supermodel is disgusted with the way Pete treated Kate Moss

Naomi Campbell has launched a scathing attack on Pete Doherty – and says that he’s an a***hole for the way he messed Kate Moss around.

The two supermodels are friends and Naomi is glad her mate has dumped junkie Pete and is moving on with her life.

‘I hear Kate has a new man,’ she tells the Daily Mirror.

‘That’s fantastic – good for her. As long as it’s not that a***hole Pete. Urgh. I hated the way he treated her.’

And Kate, 33, loves to confide in Naomi, 37, about her troubled love life.

‘I speak to Naomi loads,’ Kate says. ‘We even spoke earlier today. She’s always there for me.

‘I love her for it. It’s so sweet.’

Alison Adey