EastEnders star determined not to put on weight

Natalie Cassidy admits she keeps reminding herself how fat she was by looking at old snaps.

The EastEnders actress dropped 4 dress sizes last year to get down to her ideal weight.

And she’s determined to keep her size 8 figure.

‘I keep a photo of the old me stuck to my fridge to stop me being tempted,’ she admits.

‘And I have a pic of me spilling out of a bikini as a screensaver.

‘When I lost weight I filled 10 bin-liners with my old clothes and gave them all away.

‘I’m never, ever going to go back there.’

And Nat, 24 – who now weighs only 8st – says exercise is the only way to shed the pounds.

‘If you’re not sweating it’s not working.’

‘The only way to shift fat is cardio.’

Alison Adey