The former EastEnders star vows to give up alcohol binges for good

Natalie Cassidy no longer goes out for an evening with the intention of getting wrecked.

The soap star feels so much better now she’s drinking very little.

‘There are so many empty calories in booze. I’d rather have a meal. And it makes me feel so rough the next day. It’s impossible to be a good mum with a hangover,’ says Natalie.

The turning point for Natalie, 29, who is mum to baby daughter Eliza, was waking up from a post-Celebrity Big brother night out and not remembering what had happened.

‘I was so drunk. I vowed that would be the last time I got so drunk. I hate the feeling of being completely out of control,’ Natalie tells the Daily Mirror.

‘I still like wine and champagne and I’ll certainly be having some over Christmas. But our household is not about drinking through what should be a special time of year.

‘I don’t want to drink to get drunk any more.’

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