The EastEnders star is single again

Natalie Cassidy has confirmed that she and ex-fiancé Adam Cottrell, dad to her daughter Eliza, 3, have split for good after she realised the relationship had no future.

‘It was my decision. I’m really glad I gave it another chance,’ Natalie, 30, tells The Mirror.

‘When kids are involved you almost have to.

‘I can always say to Eliza, “Mummy tried, but it didn’t work out.”‘

The couple first broke off their engagement in 2011 after Adam, 33, admitted assaulting Natalie and was sentenced to 120 hours community service.

In May this year after controversially taking Adam back, Natalie Cassidy admitted she blamed herself for some of their spats.

Adam’s behaviour was unacceptable, but so was mine,’ Natalie told the Sunday Mirror.

‘I can see that now. I often lashed out physically at him when arguments weren’t going my way. I would hit him or slap him out of frustration and anger.

‘He would often come home from work and drink a bottle of wine. He wasn’t interested in eating the dinner I’d cooked him or spending time with me.

‘It made me feel worthless. It was hurtful and I wanted to hurt him back. Sadly, sometimes that meant lashing out physically.

‘For a long time he never reacted but I pushed and pushed and eventually he pushed back. I can only see that now. In hindsight there’s no getting away from it… I was to blame too.’

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