Goodbye faddy diets - Natalie Cassidy talks exclusively to Now about taking control of her body

As self-confessed yo-yo dieter Natalie Cassidy walks into the studio for our ultra-glam photo shoot, it’s clear her latest diet’s been a success.

Slipping into a black cutout bodysuit and 8in heels, she glances nervously at her reflection before joking: 
‘I can’t walk in these shoes – but they’d be great in the bedroom!’

Natalie‘s confidence is brimming over – and we’re hardly surprised.

In just six weeks, 
the former EastEnders star has slimmed from a size 14 to a size 10 on her first diet since giving birth to daughter Eliza in October 2010.

‘I thought I was done with weight loss,’ admits Natalie, who shrunk to just 7st 12lb in 2007 after making her infamous fitness DVD.

‘But after having Eliza I was left with a mummy tummy and 
I decided I needed to tone up.

‘That’s what this regime’s been about – I’m so over faddy diets.

‘This time I’m confident that
I’ll keep the weight off.’

So how’s she done it? We grill the star on her diet and fitness secrets…

Read the full interview with Natalie Cassidy in Now magazine dated 12 December 2012 – out now!

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