The new mum is planning a large famly with Adam Cottrell

When Natalie Cassidy announced she was pregnant nine months into her romance with transport manager Adam Cottrell, we were sceptical that things would work out well.

But fast-forward a year and, as she cradles her adorable six-week-old daughter Eliza, it’s obvious that Natalie’s genuinely happy and her relationship with Adam is strong.

‘He’s back at work but when he gets in he’ll change Eliza, bathe her and she’s besotted by him. She’s a daddy’s girl like me,’ Natalie, 27, tells Now.

‘I’d love Eliza to have a brother or sister quite soon to play with. We’d like to have twins next but you couldn’t leave one on their own, so I’d have to have four.

‘Adam’s great-great gran had 15 kids including two sets of twins, so it’s possible. I don’t want 15 though!’

Read the full interview with Natalie Cassidy in Now magazine dated 15 November 2010 – out now!

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