Plans are on hold while she fights to slim down

Since boyfriend Ben Porter popped the question five months ago, Natalie Cassidy’s had her sights on a summer wedding. But Now has learnt that she’s slammed on the brakes until she’s back in the shape she wants to be.

Despite frantically working out four times a week in an effort to get down to a slim but sensible size 10-12, Natalie hasn’t yet achieved the figure she needs to slip into her dream £6,000 Amanda Wakeley wedding dress – but she’s pulling out all the stops to get there.

Nat has a new personal trainer,’ reveals a friend. ‘She’s switched from Dee, her trainer when she got fit for the DVD, because she wants a fresh start.

‘She’s been pushing herself really hard, even making herself dizzy at times by working out for up to four hours in one go. It’s been a hard struggle for her – she started out as unfit and has been trying to race to the point she was at when she was at the peak of her fitness.’

While Natalie, 25, currently a size 16, is dedicated to her new sensible slimming regime, she has no intention of going to the lengths she went to before releasing her Then And Now Workout DVD in December 2007. Back then, she was a svelte size 8, but frequently worked out every single day for up to two hours and followed a strict diet.

‘It was a lifestyle that left her hardly any time for relaxation or fun,’ says the friend. ‘Her previous regime was unrealistic, which she privately admits now.’

Natalie and 40-year-old Ben, also an actor, had pencilled in the middle of July for the wedding, but it could now be moved to a later date.

The friend says: ‘Ben loves her whatever her size, so he’s said that if Natalie’s ready in July, they’ll do it then. Otherwise, he’s happy to wait.’

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