She’s relieved pregnancy means she can put her body battles behind her

Shopping for baby clothes at a Mamas And Papas store in London last week with boyfriend of just nine months Adam Cottrell, Natalie Cassidy couldn’t have looked happier.

Following a year that she’s described to friends as ‘a roller coaster’, the news that she’s expecting a baby has changed her life for the better.

A friend tells Now: ‘The baby means Natalie has a whole new focus – and it’s not about her weight any more.

‘It’s really put things in perspective and she’s vowed never to get caught up in the cycle of yo-yo dieting again. It’s a fresh start for her.’

Having always struggled with her weight, in 2008 Nat, 26, shrank to a size 0 for her bestselling Then And Now Workout DVD.

But she later revealed she’d used laxatives to maintain her size and was bordering on an eating disorder – and within six months she’d shot back up to a size 16. Ever since, her miserable weight battle has been hitting the headlines.

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