The Aussie star, 32, answers your email questions

You’ve spoken about suffering from depression. What finally helped you overcome it?
Faye Anderson, Hartlepool
I had a hard time after making my first album.

I was never on medication – I had therapy – so my advice would be to find a good therapist. Sometimes you can’t fix it yourself and you have to accept that, but in Britain it’s seen as a weakness. It’s brave to admit you can’t cope.

What advice would you give to stars such as Amy Winehouse who are struggling with fame?
Sarah, Abbey Wood
I wouldn’t think she’d be interested in my advice, poor girl. She’s extraordinarily talented and I hope she’s OK. I think she needs her family and her friends and to be left alone.

Who’s your dream co-star?
Sam Cunningham, Monmouth
Matt Damon. I missed the premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum last month – why didn’t I get invited?! I was devastated. I’m a big fan. My video for Shiver was inspired by The Bourne Supremacy.

Who’s your hero?
Hayley Price, Luton
I don’t have a hero. I admire Bono – he’s a modern day saint. He’s used his celebrity in a very responsible way and managed to stay cool.

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