Natasha celebrates when Manchester United lose

Natasha Giggs, 29, says her life was turned upside down when she confessed to an 8-year affair with her husband Rhodri Giggs‘ brother, footballer Ryan Giggs.

‘When my story broke it was front page news for 15 days,’ she recalls.

‘There are affairs, there are affairs with your brother-in-law and then there are affairs with your brother-in-law who’s Ryan Giggs.

‘No one could believe this clean-cut footballer and devoted father could do such a thing. It shocked everyone.

‘I wish I’d confessed to Rhodri before he saw it in the papers but I couldn’t do it.

‘Instead, I flew to Spain the night before the story ran and left a letter that my mum delivered to him with the papers at 5am the next day.

‘People think I ran to the papers to tell but it didn’t happen like that.’

Now Natasha says she doesn’t feel anything for Ryan.

‘I don’t hate him but I think he’s an idiot,’ she says. ‘And I do get a bit excited when Manchester United lose.’

Read Natasha Giggs‘ full confession in the latest issue of Now magazine dated 5 March 2012 – out now!

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