Love Island’s Cara and Nathan on wedding plans, son Freddie and making friends with their new neighbours

Loved-up Love Islanders Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey have got it made – not only do they have an adorable son Freddie, one, but they’re now planning their dream wedding and have settled into family life in Kent. We caught up with them to find out what’s been happening in their little love bubble…

Hi, guys! How’s the wedding planning going? Nathan, we heard you’re not keen on a Disney wedding, how about a Las Vegas one?

Nathan: Nah, I’m very family orientated, I’ve got a lot of close friends so I’d like everyone there. I like Disney but not to get married there. You go enough, you don’t need to get married there – it’s taking the Mickey Mouse!

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Cara: But me and Freddie love it! Maybe we could for a renewal in 10 years?

Nathan: Yeah, but not for our first wedding…

If you could let Nathan plan one thing, what would it be?

C: The taxi home – I don’t know if I’d trust him with much else. He probably won’t even be in a position to organise a taxi home… Maybe he can fold napkins, like those origami shapes!

N: A stripper for Cara…

C: Although you did plan our engagement so I should give you a bit more credit.

What did you think of Billie and Greg Shepherd’s wedding in the Maldives?

N: They set the bar.

C: Beautiful. Just watching the videos was unbelievable, it looked perfect. If you are looking at throwing a destination wedding, Billie’s is your blueprint.

Tommy Mallet is going to be your usher – are you worried he’ll wear his Mallet trainers?

N: We turn a blind eye with Tommy.

C: I think you’ll have to turn a blind eye because he’ll tell you exactly what he wants to wear!

N: If he wears his trainers, he’ll pull them off.

Anything you’ve changed your mind on?

N: Yeah getting married… I’m just joking!

C: We spoke to a lot of our friends and asked them if they wanted their kids to be at the wedding and a lot of them said they didn’t want to bring them. So we’re saying no to kids at the moment. Obviously Fred and family kids will be there, but all my friends just want to party and have a day without their kids. So our friends have actually decided that for us.

What role will Freddie have? Maybe the ring bearer?

N: Definitely not, but I would rather trust Fred with them than me to be fair! Freddie’s role will be a surprise.

C: We need to teach him how to do the slow walk down the aisle, rather than running.

We’ve seen him roaring a lot on Instagram. Does he want a lion as a pet?

C: He would love that. I’ve got Nathan and Fred and that’s enough. I think another baby before another pet [they already have French bulldog Sonny] – babies are easier than puppies.

N: I feel like a bad parent, I should be teaching him the ABCs but I’m teaching him to roar like a lion. He also does boxing, he hisses as he punches the bag, it’s quite funny.

What’s the best thing about living in Kent?

N: The golf courses are amazing. I’ve made new Kent friends and I go for a little jog up the Thames.

C: I’ve got family and friends here.

Do you know the neighbours?

N: Cara is now part of the Neighbourhood Watch…

C: So are you, Nath, we’ve got a Facebook group! When Nathan was skiing, one neighbour gave me cupcakes. That’s the most neighbourly thing I’ve ever had. We’re probably the ones they don’t want living next to them!