Beyonce is back with new music in collaboration with Naughty Boy with teaser of song Lose it All

SOUND THE SIRENS – new Beyonce music has been bestowed upon us!

Last night, producer and centre of all Zayn Malik drama of late, Naughty Boy, posted a little teaser of the upcoming song that he’s been working on with the one and only Queen herself.

With a short video clip, the song Lose it All sounds pretty epic to be honest. It’s got a bit of a Halo feel about it and we love that.

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The clip shows a blonde-haired beauty, who we assume is 34-year-old Beyonce, floating underwater, all scrunched up in a little ball. (Think she might be trying to earn her new badge in swimming maybe?)

This comes after whispers had been going round that Beyonce and Naughty Boy had been working together, and Bey’s hubby, Jay-Z, was also a keen bean in wanting to sign the DJ for his Roc Nation record label.

The teaser is captioned saying ’31 hours’ so we’ve not got long until we get to hear the whole thing in all it’s glory.

Since that post, the 30-year-old DJ has tweeted his very own countdown, as well as just the ambiguous tweet of ‘1:11’ – maybe that’s the time it’ll be released? Our inner detectives are getting excited!

We’re counting down the hours, neigh, minutes.

Glad to have you back Bey!

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Amy Lo