Music producer Naughty Boy talks about all the Zayn Malik and One Direction drama on Twitter while on ITV’s Lorrine

Naughty Boy’s had a bit of a busy ol’ year what with all this Zayn Malik malarkey. You know – hanging out with him while serving the rest of the One Direction boys a big plate of beef when Zayn left the band, and then falling out with him.

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Before all this drama llama, hardly any of us knew what Naughty Boy even looked like and we just knew him for bestowing oh-so-catchy songs like La La Latch into our lives – cheers for that by the way.

And that’s what the 30-year-old music producer wants to go back to concentrating on: ‘What I do best is make music and hopefully inspire people.’

On a rare interview speaking to Lorraine on her ITV chat show – who he seems to have a bit of a soft spot for as he bought her flowers and said she was sexy while speaking to Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1! –  he finally opened up about what really happened with Zayn: ‘I got caught up in a bit of a circus.’

‘When Zayn left the band, I got accused of basically…[people thought] I was the reason why he left because he wanted to work with me.’

Of course, when you talk about One Direction, you know you don’t mess with Directioners. And Naughty Boy didn’t like any of that Twitter drama, AT ALL.

‘I hated it, I want to put that aside and just concentrate on what I do.’

He talked about how actually, One Direction isn’t really just a band, but an economy, and now that he’s just released a song, Runnin’ (Lose It All), with the one and only Beyoncé, he feels like he’s just been schooled.

‘In hindsight it’s like I went back to primary school but with Beyoncé and this song I fell like I’m doing my Masters.’

Quite the analogy.

Mr. Boy – or do we address him as Mr. Naughty?! – said that the year’s been a bit of a journey, and concentrating on the music again is the best note to end it on.

‘I want to make songs for people’s weddings, wedding songs, funeral songs those are the songs I want to be remembered for.’

‘I’m not a tabloid guy, I don’t want to be in the papers for anything apart from what I do best which is make music.’

Well we’re loving the new Naughty Boy serving featuring Queen Bey – keep the tunes coming!

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