Fancy bagging yourself a mini Benedict Cumberbatch? Well now you can!

As far as professional celebrity lookalikes go, have you noticed how none of them ever really look like who they’re meant to be?

Which is why the Internet is basically jumping with joy (quite literally) after discovering Tyler Michell who’s the double of Benedict Cumberbatch.

And well, with Benedict recently marrying Sophia Hunter whose currently carrying their first child, this couldn’t come at better timing.

Side note: No offense to any professional possibly lookalikes reading this. Our writer Joshua Fox, once went to a party where the One Direction lookalikes looked more Harry Potter than Harry Styles and he’s held a grudge since.

Don’t get too excited about this though #Cumberbitches, Tyler is sadly only 16-years-old.
So you’ll either have to release your Caroline Flack inspired cougar (did you see which pop star she was recently caught kissing?) if you wanna bag yourself a mini Benedict, or leave him for your daughter. Sigh.

Young Tyler is already becoming quite the star himself though. Between his Tumblr blog and Instagram, he’s racking up tens of thousands of followers – and has even posted some behind the scenes snap from a recent photoshoot he’s done for The Sun.

Not just this, but er – teenage girls are literally going C-R-A-Z-Y for him.

‘YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHO HE LOOKS LIKE? SWEET BABY JESUS’ one follower wrote on Instagram.

While others posted: ‘I know this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this, but you’re very handsome. Your eyes are the thing that grabbed my attention the most. They’re simply gorgeous.’
If anything, it’s all quite adorable isn’t it?

Despite Tyler‘s blog stating he’s currently single, we doubt that’ll be the case for much longer.

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Joshua Fox