Ever fancied wearing Katie Price’s extravagant clothes? Well now you can!


Katie Price has worn all manner of bonkers outfits over the years, from eye-wateringly tight metallic numbers to a giant pair of lips and everything in-between.


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Perhaps the most standout costume of all though was that incredible pink pantomime horse get-up she gamely donned for a promo event back in 2013, a sight we’ll never quite be able to get out of our heads…

So imagine our excitement when we learned that Katie, 37, has only gone and put part of the ensemble on eBay for sale – yes, really!

Equestrian dress-up fans shouldn’t get their hopes up too much though as unfortunately it’s the vest top part of the outfit available to bid on rather than the actual horse bit. Damn it…

The longline pink sleeveless polo top from Katie’s own brand KP Equestrian is up for auction and has currently received four bids, with the price standing at £16.

It’s stated in the listing (which ends on Thursday night, in case you’re interested in placing a bid) that Katie only wore it once for THAT photo call and so it’s in immaculate condition.

If it’s not your style then never fear – there are A LOT of the mum-of-five’s unwanted garments available to bid on in her online shop.

Katie excitedly shared the news about her latest auctions with Instagram fans earlier today, writing: ‘Hey more stuff on my eBay posted shoes , bags,equestrian etc !

‘I have sooo many boxes of stuff to get rid of I’ll also start adding kids clothes ’

Other items listed include some seriously high-heeled shoes, a Dolce & Gabbana purse, several scarves and even sports gear that she ran in.

The auction has certainly attracted a lot of interest from Katie Price fans, with one commenting on an Instagram snap of the sales: ‘Woooo! I love peeking at your goodies on Ebay’

We’re enjoying browsing it too (whilst trying to hide our disappointment over the horse’s absence). Happy bidding, KP fans!

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Anna Francis