Further heartbreak has emerged after it was revealed that Peaches Geldof has sadly found herself in £450k worth of debt before her death...

Further heartbreak has been added to the already devastating story of the late Peaches Geldof.

It has been revealed that Peaches- who was sadly found dead in April last year after an expected heroin overdose- had found herself in around  £450,000 worth of debt before the end of her life.


According to The Mirror, this means that the 25-year-old daughter of Bob Geldof has only been able to leave a gross estate worth of £394,630 behind for her husband, Thomas Cohen, and two sons, Astala, three, and Phaedra, two. It is not known as to whom Peaches owed these debts.

This latest information emerges just days after a sad confession from 64-year-old father Bob, whom admitted although he ‘half-expected’ the death of his eldest daughter he still finds the loss ‘unbearable’.


Speaking on Radio One, the Live Aid founder explained that ‘Part of me kind of half-expected it with Peaches, to be honest with you – the way she was carrying on, there’s nothing you can do about it’.

Bob touchingly added that Peaches- who also lost her mother, Paula Yates, to heroin addiction in 2000, aged just 41- ‘is with me every second of the day, and she is the one who bangs into my consciousness, especially in any down moment. She’s very present’.

Alice Perry