Former Liberty X singer worried about leaving baby daughter Faith without a mum

Michelle Heaton had to have a heart monitor fitted after being rushed to hospital at the weekend.

‘I am having a small operation to fit a 3 year heart recorder this afternoon,’ she told her Twitter followers. ‘It’s scary but so grateful to #watfordgeneral #nhs 4looking after me & deciding this is best course of action. I’m sure the operation will b fine
Love me.’

And now young mum Michelle, who is married to Irish businessman Hugh Hanley, has revealed further shocking news about her health.

‘I found out that I have the BRCA2 cancer gene,’ reveals Michelle, 33.

‘Which means I have an 80 per cent chance of getting ovarian cancer or breast cancer – and that’s on top of everybody else’s one in three chance.

‘I’ve got to have an operation and we’ve got some decisions to make – whether I should have a double mastectomy and if I should have my ovaries removed to reduce the risks.

‘We’re going to have some counselling sessions before we make our minds up. I’ve got my first mammogram soon.’

The former Liberty X singer is concerned 7-month-old baby daughter Faith might also have inherited the gene – and the affect on her little girl if she becomes fatally ill.

‘I’m afraid of leaving my child motherless,’ Michelle admits.

‘That’s my biggest fear. I might pass away and I won’t see my baby grow up.’

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