The single glamour model enjoys a night out with pals...

Chanelle Hayes is four and half months pregnant but that hasn’t stopped her enjoying a night on the town.

Last night she was snapped leaving London’s Groucho Club, dressed in a pale pink and black outfit that emphasised her new curves.

‘I wasn’t ever planning to get strong pregnant, but I’ve been learning everything about what to do and just trying to enjoy it  –  even the bizarre bits, like food smells suddenly making me feel sick, and my fizzy cola bottle cravings,’ says Chanelle, 22.

She and Middlesbrough footballer Matt Bates split after she told him she was pregnant just before Christmas.

I was so nervous,’ explains Chanelle. I thought he might come around to the idea and not freak out…but he is only young.

‘I know it sounds strange but we haven’t talked really.

‘I’ve kept him informed though, and let him know when I’m having scans.’

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