Actor Jake Gyllenhaal and singer Taylor Swift look smitten on New York trip

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift‘s romance appears to be getting serious. 

The hunk introduced the singer to his actress sister Maggie this week in New York.

Taylor was snapped enjoying a stroll around the Big Apple hand-in-hand with Maggie, 33, and her daughter Ramona, 4.

They are thought to have had dinner together later. 

Earlier, Jake, 29, and Taylor look loved-up as she affectionately wrapped her arm around his shoulder when they went grocery shopping.

Taylor is smitten. She loves how nice and affectionate he is,’ a source tells Us Weekly.

Jake likes that Taylor is sweet, low-key and very easy to be around.’

Taylor, 21, and Jake have been linked since October. 

He split from Reese Witherspoon at the end of last year. 

Taylor has dated Joe Jonas and Twilight star Taylor Lautner.

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