Skins star’s not shy about getting his kit off

Skins star Nicholas Hoult has revealed he’s not shy about showing his, er, skin.

The 17-year-old actor is comfortable about stripping off for a role.

‘In real life you get out of the shower naked, so why wouldn’t you do it on screen? It’s just a normal thing,’ he says.

Although he’s prepared to appear in the buff, Nic didn’t want to act in underpants for new drama Coming Down The Mountain.

‘There was one scene where my character has to appear wearing a pair of Y-fronts, and the script was very specific about it,’ he tells the Sunday Mirror.

‘I wouldn’t be seen dead in them. I’d rather do a nude scene any day.

‘I was thinking about protesting, but in the end, the scene was dropped anyway. That was definitely a lucky break as far as my image was concerned!’