What's not to love about Nick Grimshaw? Here's eleven more reasons.

Between his Radio 1 breakfast show, his brand spankin’ new Topman collection and his just announced role as an X Factor judge, Nick Grimshaw is quite the busy bee.

If you’re still a little bit unsure who he is, where he’s come from and what he’s about; here’s 11 things you NEED to know about the floppy haired Northerner about to take over our televisions even more.

1. His career in radio almost didn’t happen

Nick’s dad encouraged him to do something ‘broader’, saying it was the same as wanting to be a footballer or astronaut. Luckily his sister saved the day, reminding a mini Grimmy that ‘some people ARE astronauts and footballers so go for it’. Phew!

2. Grimmy, the butcher?

In fact, Grimmy has previously said his plan B would have been to become a butcher: ‘I used to really like playing with raw meat’.

3. A face not just for radio

The career in meat (thankfully) didn’t happen, the 30-year-old has been in radio since the age of fifteen. He’s also presented far too many TV shows for us to even remember.

4. The godfather

He is also godfather of Jude Law and Sadie Frost’s son Rudy. Because, well, why wouldn’t he be?

5. Bromance

We love his bromance with Harry Styles. However, Nick has a rocky relationship with the Directioners because of a game called ‘Celebs More Annoying Than Lorde’. During the game Grimmy’s producer said 1D member Louis Tomlinson, launching a massive ‘anti-grimmy’ rage in the 1D hemisphere. Grimmy even had to tweet ‘stop with the homophobic death threats.’

6. Humble background

Despite all of Nick’s showbiz liaisons his dad doesn’t know who Beyonce is, and still wouldn’t if ‘she came and sat in his living room’. Tbh though, neither would ours.

7. Famous friends

Grimmy’s got loads of famous friends, and this makes parents angry. After taking over the Breakfast Show in 2012, a 1,000 strong army of angry parents launched a Facebook campaign to axe Nick because his swearing habit and ‘party animal’ was setting a bad example for the kids.

8. Early bird

Nick actually goes to bed at 9:30pm every weeknight and gets anxious if he has two glasses of wine because he doesn’t want to be known for partying. Take that, angry parents.

9. Influential

The Independent listed him eighth in the Most Influential LGBT people of Britain. Grimmy says he struggles with his love life, apparently being 30 is like being ’90 in gay years’.

10. Flopped and dropped

Grimmy failed to graduate from his BA degree in Communication and Media Studies after flopping his final year at Liverpool University.

11. Professional glass eater?

No, really. Last year Grimmy accidentally lodged a shard of glass in his throat whilst on air after accidentally drinking it. Nick was forced to abandon the show and head to A&E. He later tweeted ‘I can eat glass in a circus now if all else fails’.

Well, um, what’s not to love?

Alice Perry