X Factor and Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw talks about the struggles of being of One Direction and his friendship with Harry Styles

Sure, Nick Grimshaw is now a big time kind-of-a-big-deal, what with him presenting that breakfast show on one of the biggest radio stations in the world. Oh, and the fact he’s a judge and basically in charge of people’s future on the X Factor.

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But it hasn’t always been that way, and once upon a time when people didn’t our Grimmy as well, they actually thought that he landed all his pretty swish gigs just because he was pals with a certain Harry Styles.

‘Nobody gives you a job because you know Harry Styles; loads of people know him.’

WE DON’T KNOW HIM – can you introduce you Nick?

Speaking in an interview with The Guardian’s Weekend magazine, the 31-year-old said that any whispers of him getting a leg-up in his career due to his famous friendships is all just a bit silly: ‘That’s ludicrous. I’ve worked so hard in music – all extracurricular since I was 15, through holidays, A-levels, university.’

Good on yer Grimmy ol’ boy.

Talking about his One Direction buddy though, Nick defended the 1D boys about the reported news that they’re due to go on a long ol’ break and go on hiatus after their current tour.

‘They’re men now and they need to experience some actual life. Everyone takes breaks. Katy Perry‘s off at the moment. No one’s crying.’

And you know – being a posters sometimes isn’t all it’s cracked up it to. We know, we know, but just hear Grimmy out…

‘People think being a pop star is glamorous but it’s exhausting and disorienting at their level. They don’t see the world, they just do press in different cities.

Nick has interviewed almost every celeb in the world while working with Radio 1 – from YouTubers and singers to Hollywood actors and Paris Hilton – but when it comes to the world’s most famous family, he’s actually not the biggest fan.

‘I hate that my niece loves Kylie Jenner. It’s just perpetuation that moronic Kardashian thing.’

Looks like Grimmy won’t be taking lip-liner tips from Kyles any time soon!

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