We went to Oxford University to watch Nick Jonas do a speech, and here's EVERYTHING we learnt!


Joining the geniuses and great minds of Michael Jackson, Stephen Fry and um, Katie Price… on Monday night Disney star, turned pop sensation, Nick Jonas became the latest celebrity to penetrate the minds of Oxford University.

Proving he’s got brains as well as beauty (and biceps and a bulge. Let’s not forget the bulge here) the Jonas Brother, who has so far sold over 10 million albums, shed some light on the struggles of growing up in the spotlight and his rise to fame.

Here are seven of the most surprising things we learnt from 22-year-old Nick’s speech at Oxford, and the coach journey back to London with him…

1. He spends four and a half hours a month with his Miss Universe girlfriend Olivia Culpo

Well, not every month. But apparently this one.

When asked by Now if he finds it hard managing his whirlwind life with his equally as busy model girlfriend, Nick revealed ‘this month long trip will be the longest we’ve gone without seeing each other, she’s currently in Indonesia while I’m in Europe.’

He then explained it is ‘hard’ and even when she flew into London for Valentine’s Day, ahead of his performance at G-A-Y, they only managed to squeeze in ‘four hours’ together.

2. Nick has performed for every single President he’s ever lived through

Yeah, that’s Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. No big deal, like. He also joined forces with the one and only Michelle Obama (as you do) to front a campaign for healthy living.

3. He sends secret messages to his exes with Demi Lovato

When discussing how he dealt with the public intrusion into his personal relationships (ahem Miley Cyrus?) while just 14-years-old, his response was slightly surprising; ‘I’d write songs with Demi and our goal was to slide peoples names in and only they would understand that reference’

4. It was his decision to end The Jonas Brothers

When Nick musically reunited with brothers Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas after a three-year hiatus in 2013 – The Jonas Brothers seemed set to take the world by storm once again.

However, their failure to ‘connect’ with their new music and their lack of ‘identity’ resulted in Nick holding his hands up and admitting it was no longer working. Citing the fact they’d lived separate lives for so long as one of the factors.

5. His biggest regret in life is fear

Despite having a career that’s so far spanned 16 years – Nick admitted how he’s often felt like a failure, with his biggest regret being fear.

And following The Jonas Brothers final split, this feeling of failure inspired his determination to transcend from child star to respected musician and actor.

6. He’s embarrassed of Disney

While we all look back of pre-pubescent pictures of ourselves and cringe, that’s essentially what Nick does as he now looks back on the curly haired baby faced Disney poster boy he once was.

The Jo Bro acknowledges his Disney platform did make him ‘a role model to some extent’, but insists ‘Disney doesn’t create role models, it creates characters’ and he respects people looking up to him, but he ‘has his faults’.

7. His secret to staying grounded is fairly simple

‘I’m 22 and have seen a lot of life in a short amount of time,’ Nick revealed to the Oxford Union. ‘I’ve met a lot of amazing people and tried to look at every person and learn what I can from them.’

Humble, hot and inspiring. What’s not to love?

Watch some of Nick’s Oxford highlights below…


Nick’s single JEALOUS is out March 16, with his self-titled album following in June 14.

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