‘I am the generous queen, ask Ms. Ellen’


Nicki Minaj is giving back to her fans in a big way. The rap queen took to Twitter over the weekend to help out some lucky Barbz who are struggling to pay for tuition fees and course equipment.

One fan tweeted Nicki, 34, asking for financial support, and she responded: ‘Show me straight A’s that I can verify w/ur school and I’ll pay it. Dead serious.’

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Unsurprisingly this sparked a string of further requests, with Nicki promising to pay sums from $1000 to $6000 – providing she got proof that the money would benefit their schooling.

The Regret In Your Tears hit maker later insisted this wouldn’t be a one off thing, writing: ‘Ok u guys. It’s been fun. Let me make those payments tmrw then see if I have any money left. I’ll do some more in a month or 2.’

Nicki has always been very vocal about the importance she places on schooling, often encouraging her fans to go to college and further their education.

Last week she shared some sweet photos showing one of her supporters graduating. Jiltae Hinton also quoted Nicki in her yearbook, and the star gushed: ‘When life comes full circle.

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‘I remember quoting Ms. Lauryn Hill in my H.S Year Book & now my fans out here quoting ME. S/o to all my fans graduating this year and going off to college. I’m so proud of you. Intelligence/Ambition will ALWAYS be the most important attributes you take with you on your journey. #Classof2017 represent.’

On one of her latest singles, No Frauds, Nicki raps: ‘I am the generous queen, ask Ms. Ellen,’ and her latest actions prove she’s not lying…