Girls Aloud singer is considering cosmetic surgery

If Nicola Roberts could change anything about herself, it would be her hooter.

The Girls Aloud singer says that while she’s hesitant to have cosmetic surgery, she thinks her face could definitely be improved.

‘’I’d like to get my nose done,’ she says.

‘I have thought about it but I’m one of those people who’d probably regret it so I’m better off leaving it as it is.’

The 22-year-old – who’s often dubbed ‘the ugly one’ of the band – says that while she feels happier about the way she looks now than when she was a teenager, she still feels insecure.

‘It’s something I’m working on,’ she tells More magazine.

‘Some days I feel like absolute shit. I’m not overly confident, I don’t think “Oh I look great”. It would be lovely to feel like that though.’

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