Girls Aloud singer admits she 'got slaughtered' to boost self esteem

Nicola Roberts has revealed that she was once so unhappy with her looks, she drank to escape her self hatred and almost turned to drugs.

The Girls Aloud star was dubbed ‘the ugly one’ of the group when they rose to fame in 2002 and felt inadequate with her ginger hair and pale skin.

‘My self-esteem was at rock bottom,’ she admits.

‘People on the radio and television started making nasty comments about me and I felt awful. I got to the point where I was tempted to turn to drink and drugs.

‘My way of dealing with it was to go home to Runcorn in Cheshire as often as I could to go out with my mates and get slaughtered. It was the only thing I could do to block everything out.’

But despite a difficult few years, Nicola, 22, has finally come through her depression and is happily engaged to businessman Carl Davies.

‘I realised I’d been completely focused on thinking beauty was about a certain image,’ she tells Fabulous.

‘The great thing about women is that we’re all different, and I’m different. I’ve still got bright red hair, a skinny body and blue legs but I like the fact I’m different.

‘I might not always be smiling but I’m happier than I’ve ever been.’

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