Actress was lonely growing up in Australia

Nicole Kidman hated her ginger hair and fair skin when she was growing up.

The actress, 40, was raised in Australia – so she wasn’t allowed to play outside because of the intense sun.

‘In Australia you spend a lot of time indoors if you’re fair-skinned because you burn,’ she says.

‘I always felt like I wasn’t the cool girl at school, so I’d stay indoors while everyone else was going to the beach and I’d sit and read books, but it resulted in a very vivid imagination that then sustained me.’

And Nicole says the books would help her escape her life.

‘As a child, I used to want to be the person in the book,’ she tells OK!.

‘That would be the thing, because I didn’t like my life, so I wanted to be the character in the novel. That’s the ramifications of being a fair-skinned redhead in Australia.’