Actress and husband Keith Urban leaving Nashville

Nicole Kidman has convinced husband Keith Urban to relocate from Nashville to LA.

The actress, who gave birth to daughter Sunday Rose two weeks ago, wants to get back on familiar turf.

‘Nic initially loved the privacy and peace that was afforded by living in Nashville,’ says a source.

‘But the big trade-off was being totally isolated from work colleagues and friends in LA.

‘She thought it would work, and it was fine for Keith as it’s the centre of his world, but it’s not a good thing for Nicole, whose agent and major studio are located in LA.’

Nicole, 41, and Keith, 40, have bought a £2.3million mansion in Beverly Hills and plan to up sticks later this year.

The move will allow her to see more of her Isabella, 15, and Connor, 13, the children she adopted with ex husband Tom Cruise, 46.