Simple Life star set to follow a singing career

Paris Hilton’s pop career hardly set the charts alight.

But now her New Best Friend Again Nicole Richie is planning on following in her father Lionel Richie’s musical footsteps and becoming a singer.

The Simple Life star, who was adopted by the 80s singer when she was a young child, admits she is desperate to launch a music career.

Nicole, 25, insists that if she can enjoy just a tiny percentage of the success her dad has had she will be delighted.

She told Top of the Pops magazine: ‘My whole goal in life is to be a singer! I really feel I am just starting in life, there are so many chapters coming up.’

Nicole has also revealed dad Lionel has been giving her advice about being a pop star, and father and daughter have also been having heart-to-heart conversations about her weight.

‘We talk about everything and he points me in the right direction. He told me to keep my head on straight,’ she says. ‘He was concerned when he started hearing all these crazy things, but I told him I feel fine.’

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