Boomerang singer suffered from eating disorder

Nicole Scherzinger admits she was in turmoil after confessing to battling bulimia.

The singer developed the eating disorder after being instructed to lose weight for the Pussycat Dolls and she struggled with it for over a decade.

But after talking about her ordeal for a VH1 Behind The Music documentary last year, Nicole felt exposed.

As soon as I did open up about it, I regretted it,’ says Nicole, 34.

I felt humiliated, I didn’t want it to be screened. I didn’t want the world to see that side of me. But now I’m so glad they have.

The impact I’ve had on other sufferers is just… I can’t tell you, it’s amazing. That I am now in a position to give strength, and support to others… It’s awesome.’

Nicole, who is dating Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, is now free of her illness after receiving therapy but she never took time off from the Pussycat Dolls.

I couldn’t,’ the Boomerang singer tells The New Review.

This job was something I was born to do; it was cast upon me. So I didn’t have a choice to simply stop. I didn’t.’

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