See the chef's changing shape over the years

Nigella Lawson is almost as famous for her changing weight as she is for her cooking.

The sultry chef has always been glamorous and looks stunning and slender as a young 23-year-old in 1983.

By 1994, Nigella is married to John Diamond and her weight creeps up to 13st following the birth of their daughter Cosima.

After welcoming second child Bruno, the new mum slims down but cheekily says that women on diets probably have ‘a miserable sex life’.

Nigella’s TV career takes off when her first show Nigella Bites becomes a huge success in 2001, with an average of 1.9million viewers.

Sadly in the same year husband John passes away following a battle with throat cancer.
Nigella also loses her mum and sister to the disease, causing her to associate thinness with death.

The cook marries businessman Charles Saatchi two years later and shows off her teeny waist in a fitted black dress at an event.

Nigella has never deprived herself and admits that she eats when stressed, something that perhaps contributes to her weight gain in 2005 when her latest TV show is panned.

Luckily her 2007 series Nigella Express fares better but some viewers criticise her increasingly voluptuous figure.

The mum-of-two continues to flaunt her curves in sexy black dresses and claims she’d ?age 10 years’ if she lost a lot of weight.

In 2012 Nigella slims down following a bunion operation that means she can’t walk to the fridge and soon drops from a size 16 to a size 12 with the help of a healthy eating programme.

Clearly feeling confident, the TV star starts wearing more brightly coloured outfits and it’s reported in 2013 that she’s even used hypnotherapy to encourage her to eat smaller meals.

Nigella still loves to indulge on nights out with famous friends though – will she keep her weight down?

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