TV chef isn't really a domestic goddess

Despite her sexy image, Nigella Lawson thinks she’s anything but glamorous.

The TV chef, who admits her label as a domestic goddess was ‘said in irony’, doesn’t think she leads a sophisticated life.

‘I’m unglamorous,’ says Nigella, 53.

‘I read in bed on my iPad so I don’t have to turn the light on and disturb my husband.

‘I read somewhere that the blue backlight interferes with your sleep pattern so I wear special orange glasses like the ones snipers wear.

‘I cook in my dressing gown. I wear gentlemen’s gowns.’

Nigella is hooked on reading Tweets – but not those posed by other celebrities.

‘One of the people I follow avidly on Twitter is my local fishmonger,’ the cook tells The Mail on Sunday.

‘I see what his catch is then I direct-message him with my order and waddle over and get it.’

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Anna Francis