'Greedy' celeb chef says she has the legs of a shot-putter gone to flab

Nigella Lawson would like drop a few pounds, but her husband won’t let her.

The shapely chef, who calls herself ‘greedy’, put on weight while filming her new cookery series.

She’s vowed never to look at her thighs again and describes her legs as ‘the legs of a shot-putter gone to flab’.

But husband, Charles Saatchi, 64, loves her curves.

‘I keep my weight far higher than most women would be happy with,’ Nigella, 47, tells the Times magazine.

‘It helps that I’m with someone who loves every dimple and wobble.

‘When I think I must lose a bit here and here, he says, “But these are the bits I like.”

‘If I lose a bit of weight, he says, “You’re looking gaunt.”

‘And I say, “Please don’t say this in front of people, they’ll think it funny.”‘

Suzannah Ramsdale