Big Brother star's body damaged by eating disorder

Nikki Grahame says she would love to have kids – but her long battle with anorexia has left her infertile.

The Big Brother star reveals has never even had a period.

‘Doctors say my ovaries are those of an 11 year old,’ she says. ‘It’s so sad because I would love to have kids.

‘I have osteoporosis because of the abuse of my body. My hair fell out, my teeth are ruined.’

‘I never developed proper breasts, which is why, when I could afford it, I had implants.’

Nikki, 26, says she’s developed obsessive-compulsive disorder since recovering from anorexia, which impacts on her relationships.

‘I’ve got huge hang-ups about sex, which are exacerbated by my OCD,’ she tells You magazine.

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