Our favourite new addition to The Great British Bake Off Noel, 
44, spills the, er, mixture on all things cake…

The new Bake Off is great! Why did you want to join the show, Noel?

My mate Serge [Pizzorno] from Kasabian actually told 
me to go on it. I watched it back to back and I thought: ‘This is such a nice vibe, I love it.’ I don’t bake anything myself but I became a big fan. When I was asked 
to do it, I was staggered. Sandi Toksvig was in and 
I thought: ‘This is too big an opportunity to pass up.’

What’s been the biggest shock of the show?

I didn’t realise I’d have to put the tent up myself – it took me about three weeks!

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Blurghhhhhhhhhhh x

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What’s your rapport with Sandi like?

It’s like Doctor Who and the dizzy assistant. I feel like 
I’m working with Sherlock Holmes – it’s amazing. I love working in a double act, so this is great. I’ve worked with Russell Brand and Richard Ayoade, but Sandi’s a whole new ball game. We made love straight away.


So what makes a double 
act work?

You never know if you’re going to mesh, but we did.

This is something 
new for you…

It can be tricky. In the past, 
I’ve been on panel shows 
or I’ve played parts like a merman with a vagina. 
This show isn’t about me 
– it’s about the bakers. I want 
to get the best out of them 
and be friends with them. 
It’s about the contestants 
and their personalities. It 
really is a magical show.

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It was rather controversial when it was announced 
you were going to be a host, 
to say the least…

And I can see why. People think: ‘What’s he going to 
do? Wear a top hat and throw 
a load of cakes on the floor?’ 
I just wanted to slot in and move the show along into a good place smoothly now that it’s on a different channel.

Are you worried about 
the ratings for the 
show now that it’s moved channels?

I’ll be happy if 
five viewers tune 
in. Well, let’s say between five viewers and 
70 million. Anywhere in between there 
would be great.

The Great British Bake Off is Channel 4 at 
8pm on Tuesdays