Star reckons he'd eclipse the King with his solo career

Noel Gallagher insists if he ever left Oasis he would be a bigger solo star than Elvis Presley.

The guitarist, 39, has considered releasing a solo record and is confident he would surpass the phenomenal achievements of The King if he ever did.

Speaking after the BRIT Awards, where Oasis received the Outstanding Contribution To Music prize, Noel said: ‘I could do it easily. If I was a solo artist I would be the biggest solo artist in the country easy, no messing, within a year. Seriously. I’d be bigger than Elvis. I would!’

Despite his bold statement, Noel insists he isn’t interested in walking away from brother Liam and the rest of the group because he enjoys being in Oasis so much.

‘I prefer being in a band. Being in a band there’s more camaraderie, more fun, more people. It’s a better laugh. I’ve also seen a lot of people go solo and end up very lonely boys. But don’t ever think that I couldn’t do it. I could.’

We wouldn’t dare mess with a Gallagher.