Stalker threatens Oasis singer

Noel Gallagher has reportedly had to step up security after a crazed fan threatened him.

The Oasis singer, 40, was disturbed at Abbey Road Studios in North London, where the group are working on their new album.

The mystery man is said to have arrived at the studios in the hope of confronting Noel, claiming the musician has stolen song lyrics.

‘The guy showed up in a proper rage,’ explains a source. ‘He claimed that he had written all this material that Noel had nicked off him for the new album. The fella was fuming and was threatening to beat Noel up over it all.

‘He was cursing at staff and being really threatening so the cops were called in. He tried to force his way into the studio but couldn’t get through.’

The interloper fled before the police arrived.

Investigating officers turned out to be Oasis fans who hoped they might get a sneak preview of the band’s record.

‘They asked for a listen to the new album too but were politely thanked for their help and shown the door,’ the source tells The Sun.

Can’t blame them for trying.