Kim Kardashian kicks off when she discovers some red-hot messages...

Uh-oh! Kim Kardashian has gone ballistic at Kanye West after finding sexy texts between him and Rihanna.

And even worse, the messages were on Kanye‘s secret spare mobile phone, which the furious reality star didn’t even know existed, says a close friend.

Kim, 32, discovered the flirty texts on the phone while taking Kanye‘s $750,000 (£470,000) Lamborghini Aventador for a spin in LA.

‘She found a mobile in the glove compartment containing all kinds of messages between Kanye and Rihanna – and some to other women, too,’ dishes the pal.

‘Poor Kim was horrified.’

Later, when Kim confronted Kanye about it, he insisted it was all perfectly innocent, discloses another insider.

‘He said he didn’t know what the fuss was about as he’s been pals with Rihanna for years – and that’s they way they’ve always talked to each other.

‘He claimed the other texts were sent to women working in his office whom he has a really good rapport with.

‘But Kim was having none of it and screamed and shouted at Kanye.

‘She warned him in no uncertain terms that she wouldn’t take any nonsense from him.

‘She wants to believe that Kanye‘s telling the truth, but she’s annoyed he can’t see why she’s so cross – especially as Rihanna has a reputation.’

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