To fill the George Clooney and Steve Jones-sized hole in your life, here are the hottest men who ARE still single

Accepting that George Clooney‘s left his bachelorhood behind him is sad, but then we never really stood a chance against the goddess that is Amal Alamuddin.

And with the news that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have named their newborn daughter Preciosa, their overflowing happiness has erased any trace of our future Notebook-existence with the Gos. Which is only mildly devastating. And by mildly we mean extremely.

But waking up to the shock news yesterday that Steve Jones has tied the knot with model Phylicia Jackson was too much to bear. Notorious ladies’ man Steve was supposed to be our fail-safe fantasy celebrity boyfriend.

The playboy who would play on until no players were left; the real life Mr Big who we were madly in love with but frustratingly, would never commit; the bad boy who never calls you until you’ve decided to move on.

Naturally, this isn’t what we really want but these images serve to sate our imaginations, especially when the alternative’s accidentally making eye contact with the strange man drooling across from you on the train.

And if any men are reading this, you’ll find every single one of our truest, deepest wishes and desires organised neatly on our Pinterest boards for your perusal.

Thank goodness we still have Prince Harry – the day hazza gets married we’ll be the ones nearest Westminster Abbey collapsing into our tear-soaked black lace veils.

Besides, Princess Cressida sounds like a fancy patisserie Paul Hollywood asks contestants to make on The Great British Bake Off.

‘I must say, this Princess Cressida is much too flaky,’ Mary Berry might say. ‘And I don’t care much for your choice of filling.’

But we digress.

Check out our gallery above of our top celebrity bachelors. May they stay sexy and single forever – until they meet us of course!

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