Dan Wootton tests your knowledge of this season's biggest showbiz news stories

Summer’s here! Time to kick back, relax and catch up on all the latest celebrity gossip. Bliss!

how good is your celeb knowledge? How closely have you been paying
attention to what’s been happening in music, movies and reality TV?
We’re putting you to the test with our big summer celebrity quiz 2013. How many answers do you know?

get things started, here’s a Hollywood question. Which film is in
Forbes’ list of the Top 10 grossing summer blockbusters of all time?

(a) Forrest Gump

(b) Grease

(c) Jaws

Discover the answer by clicking to the next picture. Want to know what else our celebrity quiz has in store for you? We’ll give you a few teasers…

been some big movies out lately – but have you seen them? Expect
questions on One Direction: This Is Us, Man Of Steel and World War Z.

events like Glastonbury are also featured. The Rolling Stones headlined
in 2013, but you might be surprised to learn which famous female artist
has never played at the festival.

It wouldn’t be a Now celebrity quiz
without our favourite reality TV stars. Can you guess where the TOWIE
cast like to go on holiday? And what’s the nickname Geordie Shore boy
Gaz has given his sizeable package? We’ve got the cheeky answers!

Emma Willis is the new host of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother. We want to know if you remember who she’s taken over from.

There’s some scandalous love revelations in our celebrity quiz too. You’ll never guess which Aussie singer Simon Cowell had a ‘kiss and cuddle’ with on his yacht…

Skins star Jack O’Connell also enjoyed a short-lived romance with a feisty pop star recently. But do you know who?

See how many answers you can get in our big summer celebrity quiz!